Romp has a unique approach to handling special events.  The idea is based in the understanding that everyone is different and so are their needs.  Some people may have FANTASTIC taste and style and all of the time and interest necessary to make a gorgeous event happen.  Perhaps they just need us to show up in the final act to coordinate their vision so they can drink more champagne! Some people may have that same envious taste, yet not the time to spend on the details.  And there are some people still, whose talents lie in other areas and wouldn't even know where to begin in creating the perfect experience. And guess what? That's ok!


Our approach involves chatting with each new client about the level of involvement they'd like to have in the planning and styling. If you know the when, what, why and how - we can skip straight to the floral design, event rental and day of coordination.  If you are busy saving the world, or simply don't know where to start - let us handle the styling for you.  We'll have your guests wondering how you manage it all. (It will be our secret.)

Customizing our packages means we are flexible and you know what that means?  Our prices are, too!