Is Pinterest the Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything (At Least in Terms of Your Wedding)?

If there is any website that will go down in wedding history, it's gonna be Pinterest. (Sorry The Knot...) This site has it totally made!

One of the first things ANY girl will ask someone recently engaged is: "Have you started planning on Pinterest yet?" ...and how many brides will respond with "What's Pinterest?"

Like NONE.

They almost always say, "Uhm, YES! Wanna see it?" or "OMG, not yet, but I am definitely planning to!"

Why? You might ask (assuming you're the 1% on earth who has never seen a Pinterest board). Well, first of all, because every wedding idea ever invented, DIY or otherwise, is on the site--with pretty pictures to prove it.

So, all that to say, you should check it out.

However, I feel strongly that Pinterest should not be the only thing to consider when planning your wedding. I don't say this because Pinterest is full of bad ideas (although we're all pretty tired of mason jars and burlap, ladies), but because some couples can get so wrapped up in turning their weddings into real life Pinterest Boards that the personal essence of their own wedding is lost.

To ensure that your wedding remains true to who you and your special somebody are, I've listed the following three pieces of Sage Advice for you to consider.

1) Do What YOU Like

Don't feel obligated to take into consideration everyone and their cat's advice. People hear you're engaged and consider it a sudden opportunity to express their unsolicited opinions on anything wedding-related... (Be prepared for this same phenomenon if you ever get pregnant.) People NEVER stop having loud advice to share.

Don't let Pinterest pressure you into doing things a certain way either. Just because every wedding exit you see on Pinterest is a sparkler exit doesn't mean you need one. Do you even want a special exit? What ever happened to just running into your getaway car? Or, like, rice? Do what makes YOU happy.

2) Don't DIY Everything

Trust me, professionals exist for good reason--they're good at shit. They're so good at shit that some people are bad at, that they live off of the money they can make from people who really do not want to do the thing they are shit at.

Now look here--no one is perfect. So if you are in LOVE with some beautiful wedding chalk-signs that someone on Pinterest DIY'd, but you are also left-handed and very bad at drawing stick-figures, girl, get some professional hipster Etsy lady to do that for you. I'll be grand.

Besides, taking on too many DIY projects will make you go unnecessarily crazy. Planning a wedding is already hard with all of the seating charts, schedules, emails, RSVP's you have to count, and personal freakin' vows you have to find time to write. You do NOT need to design and hand-craft your own paper mache photo booth backdrop, can, label and bowtie all your cactus jam wedding favors, AND make all 12 bridesmaids bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres from ribbon and newspaper. Girl, that is too much stuff, whether you're good at it or not. Pay someone to do at LEAST one of those things--and take a nap.

If you're not gonna take any of the advice above, PLEASE, for your own sanity, do not put off all of these projects until the week of the wedding. I promise you, it will not get done. And if it does, you most-likely will not have the time to do everything as carefully as you would have liked. Start those projects sooner rather than later.

3) Remember that DIY Doesn't Mean Cheap or Easy

This is the hugest misconception. Just because you're saving on labor costs doesn't mean that supplies won't cost a fortune. The professionals we talked about earlier most-likely buy their supplies in bulk. Unless you do that too, you're paying more for your supplies than you would if you bought the finished product pre-made.

Also consider that most--if not all--of the pretty pictures of DIY projects posted on Pinterest are second, third, or twelfth tries of the DIY thing they created. No one whips out perfection the first time around! Your first stab at the spray-painted, glittered-up Whatever that you're making will not be a masterpiece. It will be am embarrassment. You need time for trial and error. You need time to get a little frustrated.

Now, if you can allow yourself the budget, time and patience for DIY wedding projects, I say go for it! They're not easy, but if you're crafty and really into it, and it's totally you, then DO IT, GIRL. I am a big believer in doing what makes you happy. Just make sure that Pinterest doesn't have you convinced that having a Pinterest Board wedding will make you happy. Your happiness is 100% up to you.



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